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The Nasrid Palaces in Alhambra


The Nasrid Palaces photogallery with Leica Dlux-6 camera, Complex of castles, the residence from the kings of Granada. Their construction was began by the founder of the particular dynasty, Alhambra, …

Plaza de Espana Photogallery


The Plaza de España complex photogallery with Leica Dlux-6 camera, Plaza de España in Sevilla is a huge half-circle with properties continually running around the sting accessible over the moat …

Alahambra Gardens In Spain Photogallery


Alahambra Gardens Photogallery created with Leica Dlux-6 camera on my Spain travel in may 2013. The Gardens, distributed across several balconies in the palatial area of the Generalife along with …